Electric Skateboard Can Hit 45 MPH

Bajaboard stressed that its new Pantera, which got its start as a tech demonstration project, is not for beginners.

Bajaboard is a manufacturer of extreme electric skateboards. The company is based out of Melbourne, Australia, and just came out with a new design that the people at New Atlas called, "an act of extreme lunacy." To which Bajaboard countered, "#lunacy, but we love it."

The Bajaboard Pantera has a peak power output of 8 kilowatts (10.7 hp). It also has four 3.5 kilowatt motors, four 110 A motor controllers and a top speed of 45 miles per hour — on an electric skateboard.

Now, 45 miles per hour is still about 15 miles per hour less than the current speed record for an electric skateboard, but then you realize that anyone can buy one of these things and it's only 15 miles per hour less than the current world record.

Some early criticism has also pointed to the range, as the Pantera dies after about 28 miles, though that is dependent on a number of factors — rider weight, terrain, speed, etc.

The skateboard weighs 57 pounds and the company does stress that it is not for beginners. Bajaboard actually built it more as a tech demonstration and then decided to make it available to some niche customers.

According to the company, it can only be driven on private property and a spokesperson did admit that the team still hasn’t hit top speed in testing — they're still looking for a willing airfield. He says the board is built more as an ego boost, like a supercar.

No word on the pricing yet, but the company's previous generation, the G4X, starts at about $3,000. 

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