Exoskeletons Could Improve 787 Production

Boeing hopes the devices will allow its workers to make two additional Dreamliners per month.

Boeing wants to make 14 787 Dreamliners each month, and to make that possible, workers will now be outfitted with exoskeletons.

Exoskeletons, which have been proven to improve worker productivity while limiting fatigue, have already made waves in the automotive industry as Ford and Hyundai have outfitted workers. And the military has jumped in the game as well, with preliminary work on exoskeletons that help lighten the load for the average soldier.

According to a recent report from Reuters, Boeing rolls out a new 787 every 1.75 days, or 12 a month. When the 787 starts at $239 million, you understand a need to pick up the pace.

Boeing tested the technology with a group of mechanics in South Carolina and if the data continues to show improved safety and productivity, it could be rolled out to thousands of workers over the next two years.

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