Ford Builds Soundproofed Dog Kennel

The automaker’s active noise control technology detects and counteracts fireworks and other sounds that can put dogs on edge.

For anyone with a neurotic dog, or those of you who foolishly follow your neighborhood pet pages, you know that loud noises like fireworks, thunder or sporadic gunfire can make pets anxious. The animals need something better than dog-hugging sweaters — because those are garbage.

Roughly 45 percent of dogs are afraid of loud sounds like fireworks, and up to 20 percent are so crippled by it that their owners look for professional help.

Well, the engineers from Ford Europe have taken their knowledge of noise canceling and created a soundproof kennel.

Using Ford's active noise control technology, sound-proof ventilation and anti-vibration block risers, the kennel detects harmful sounds and cancels them out by emitting opposing frequencies. It's the same tech that is found in the Edge SUV, which uses opposing soundwaves to counteract engine or transmission noise.

Right now, it is just a prototype, but the concept has created quite the stir. If you only look at the number of dog households in America (43.3 million), you have at least 8,669,200 potential customers.

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