Numat Building Metal-Organic Framework Manufacturing Campus

The company plans to have it fully operational by spring 2024.

Numat Chicago Campus

Numat Technologies announced the construction of what it's calling the "world’s first industrial scale metal-organic framework (MFO) manufacturing campus."

Located in Chicago, Numat’s integrated campus will be home to an ISO 9001:2015 certified MOF manufacturing facility co-located with a material design and application development center. With plans to be fully operational in Spring 2024, the new campus will leverage digital technologies to accelerate the development of MOF-based solutions, rapidly bringing new MOF products from the development stage to high-volume manufacturing.

Rapid industrial adoption of innovative MOF applications, addressing complex issues from decarbonization to industrial safety, and strong commercial demand for MOFs across all of Numat’s business lines are the driving forces for this first of several planned expansion investments. The development of this campus strongly supports the innovation, quality and supply-chain reliability standards of Numat's customers in the semiconductor, defense, and energy markets.

"We are excited about the construction of the world's first industrial scale manufacturing campus dedicated to MOFs," stated Ben Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Numat. "We believe that our leadership position in the field, combined with our talented team will position us to better serve customers globally. By co-locating material discovery and application development capabilities with high-volume manufacturing assets, we're building an integrated solutions platform to rapidly transition enabling materials for industrial use.”

The former foundry, where inventor Nikola Tesla once worked, now anchors part of a broader community-based investment effort aimed at industrial revitalization and economic empowerment. “We believe there is a tremendous opportunity as we expand manufacturing operations here in Chicago,” says Hernandez. “We anticipate the new campus will bring jobs and further economic growth to this vibrant and developing community and continue to advance technology leadership in the Midwest.”

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