Skytrac Building New Ski Lift Manufacturing Facility in Utah

It will be the company's largest facility in the country.

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Leitner-Poma of America

Leitner-Poma of America (LPOA), known for engineering, producing, installing and servicing all types of cable transport systems for the ski industry, amusement parks and urban transport, along with state and local government officials celebrates the development of the company's new manufacturing facility in Tooele, Utah. The new campus, close to Salt Lake City, will support LPOA's Made in America initiative by serving as the headquarters and sole-manufacturing base for Skytrac, an LPOA subsidiary.

At the inauguration event, along with LPOA's President, Darren Cole, participated also State of Utah Lt. Governor Diedre Henderson and the Mayor of Tooele Debbie Winn, celebrating the impact that the new facility will have on the local community and its economy.

The new Skytrac headquarters in Tooele is set to open in May 2024, and it will be LPOA's largest facility in the country at more than 130,000 square-feet of manufacturing, and required an investment of more than $27 million. As an LPOA subsidiary, Skytrac focuses on the production, design, installation and service of fixed-grip ski lifts. The new facility will allow the business to increase production and expand headcount up to 120 employees, with further growth possible in additional phases of the project.

The facility will include a sizable investment in sustainability with a number of renewable sources. Current plans include the installation of solar panels and a powerful LTW42 wind turbine. Developed by LPOA's affiliate company LEITWIND, the LTW42turbine stands at 162 feet tall and boasts a capacity of 250 kilowatts, making it capable of covering up to 100% of a plant's electricity needs. The LTW42 turbine is a unique solution that not only reduces carbon footprint but also facilitates decentralized energy generation. Its comparatively small size and silent DirectDrive generator make it an ideal solution for businesses and communities looking to become energy self-sufficient in a clean and cost-effective way. Skytrac's new Tooele plant will serve as a showcase for the benefits of bespoke technology. If market demand develops as expected, the turbines could be manufactured at the Utah facility to cater to the entire North American market.

In addition to the upcoming Utah campus, LPOA also maintains a nearly 100,000 square-foot facility in Grand Junction, Colorado. The company recently purchased an additional five acres in Grand Junction, adjacent to its existing facility, in order to expand capabilities there as well.

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