Digi-Key Electronics Launches myLists Updates

The latest features allow users to easily share their BOMs to external team members.


MyLists is a modern parts list management tool that consolidates bills of materials (BOMs), price and availability lists, and quotes. The latest features allow users to easily share their BOMs to external team members or to share publicly. With customizable permissions, list owners can allow edit access or “view only” so that everyone can get the information they need, without risking loss of list integrity.

The list is updated in real time so collaborators can rest assured they’re working from the most current information, which reduces communication gaps and errors around what’s on the BOM. Furthermore, with revision management, assembly controls and approved alternates, teams can more accurately project the availability and cost of components, so projects stay on schedule.

One of the primary benefits of this update is the streamlined process between engineering and purchasing teams. Because these roles are at different stages of the value chain, information can often be lost. But now, myLists drastically minimizes that loss by making collaboration between teams as easy as a couple of clicks.

“The update to our myLists tool is part of Digi-Key’s commitment to help customers innovate by getting them the parts they need, when they need them,” said Tim Carroll, global head of marketing and e-commerce at Digi-Key. “We continue to enhance the digital buying experience for customers to make it as seamless, effective and efficient as possible.”

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