NVIDIA Jetson Product Range Now Available from Farnell

Each module is equipped with NVIDIA’s JetPack SDK for software acceleration.

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Farnell now stocks NVIDIA Jetson, a platform for autonomous machines and other embedded applications.

The range of Jetson small form factor, high-performance computer modules now available from Farnell include the Jetson Nano, Jetson AGX and Jetson Xavier NX. Each module is equipped with NVIDIA’s JetPack SDK for software acceleration, supported by a surrounding ecosystem of relevant sensors, SDKs, services and products to further speed development. The JetPack SDK provides a Linux environment, CUDA-X libraries, APIs, and tools for AI edge development and also supports higher-level SDKs like DeepStream and NVIDIA Isaac.

Each Jetson computer is a complete system-on-a-module (SoM) able to meet virtually every power, performance and form-factor need across multiple industries. This means that the modules include a GPU, CPU, memory, power management and relevant interfaces. This enables Jetson OEM and development partners in industries from manufacturing, retail and agriculture to healthcare, waste management and smart cities to fast-forward the launch of a new generation of AI edge devices, but at a significantly reduced development cost.

With the aid of powerful technology provided by the NVIDIA Jetson platform, autonomous machines that are increasingly operating at the edge for robotics, machine vision, the Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent video analytics (IVA) can now use the full power of AI to address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

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