Chrome Alternative Saves Bike Manufacturer on Energy Costs

BiSAN estimates it has cut energy consumption and cost by more than 40% since making the switch.


AkzoNobel is supporting major European bike manufacturer BiSAN in making the switch from chrome plating to a more cost-effective, energy-efficient, less labor-intensive and more sustainable Interpon powder coating. 

In adopting Interpon Cr, a chrome effect powder coating with a metallic finish, BiSAN is providing customers and consumers with bicycle frames and associated products that have all of the fabulous appearance and corrosion resistance of chrome plating, but with none of the environmental downsides. 

They also consume significantly less energy in production: BiSAN estimates it has cut energy consumption and cost by more than 40% since making the switch – a reduction that is not only better for the planet, but also supports the company’s profitability and future success. 

“Coating our bicycle frames with chrome plating is a four-part process requiring significant amounts of heat and each as energy intensive as the last," BiSAN General Manager Rabeno Sagman said. "Using an Interpon Cr powder coating, however, requires only two processes to create the same stunning metallic finish that is even more durable. Making the switch was a simple choice.” 

BiSAN required a solution which provided the same level of durability for which chrome is renowned without compromising on the beautiful finish it can offer. In a 1,000-hour natural salt spray test, surfaces coated with Interpon Cr evidenced no corrosion, cracking or rust, surpassing the BiSAN team’s high expectations. 

“We have a customer base that spans the globe, so it’s imperative that our bicycle frames can handle any environment, from the rain of western Europe to the intense heat of the Arab desert," Rabeno said. "The proven durability and corrosion protection that comes with Interpon Cr, means the needs of our international customers are guaranteed. The Interpon team from AkzoNobel have been the ideal partners in finding the perfect solution, and in training our staff on the new process.” 

Testing powder coating innovations has been a key element of BiSAN’s partnership with Interpon, and BiSAN is now exploring further innovations from AkzoNobel, including powder coatings in phosphorescent colors, including Lumiwhite that help bicycles to glow in the dark.

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