Nexa3D Launches Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Platform

The company will showcase its new QLS 820 production platform at IMTS 2022.


Nexa3D announced the commercial availability of its new Quantum Laser Sintering platform; the QLS 820.

With the highest part throughput in its class, the QLS 820 thermoplastic 3D printer is designed from the ground up for higher volume production and higher temperature processing for greater material selection.

The company will showcase its new QLS 820 production platform at IMTS 2022 - Additive Manufacturing Pavilion, Booth 432504.

QLS 820 represents a new class of powder bed technology that combines ultrafast printing with open materials and cloud software platform to deliver production volumes that are orders of magnitude greater than other powder-bed solutions on the market.

At the core of the QLS 820 is Nexa3Dā€™s Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS) print engine consisting of four CO2 lasers with 100W power each that deliver 4x the print speed of other laser sintering and powder bed fusion technologies. The QLS 820 features, exchangeable build station that operators can use for continuous production during the cooldown process, eliminating production bottlenecks and increasing throughput and over all asset utilization. The entire system is automation ready and designed for 24/7 lights-out operation.

The QLS 820 delivers a polymer-based production alternative to traditional injection molding without the design constraints, costly tooling investments and extended lead-times. The platform works with standard materials such as PA11 and PA12 ā€” direct replacements for injection molding grade materials, and is also compatible with higher-temperature materials, such as PA6, at processing temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius.

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