AI, Sensor Technology to Protect Industrial Systems

Trust Automation received an exclusive license for systems developed by federal government researchers to defend manufacturers against cyber attacks.

Trust Automation Press Release Trust Intelligence Systems
Trust Automation Inc.

California automation systems supplier Trust Automation recently announced that a new division dedicated to cyber defense would commercialize technology developed by federal researchers to protect industrial control systems.

The company unveiled Trust Intelligence Systems and said the segment received an exclusive license for the Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor. AICS, pioneered by the U.S. Energy Department’s Idaho National Laboratory, detects and mitigates threats to industrial systems using advanced machine learning and specialized sensors, officials said.

Trust executives added that the division will also develop cyber defense and electronic warfare systems for the military.

“Our mission is to create powerful cyber defense systems capable of protecting our warfighters in the field and our citizens at home,” Marc Takken, the executive vice president of the new division, said in a statement.

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