Tiny Sculptures Give New Life to Spare Parts

A Danish software engineer finds an unconventional use for leftover through-hole parts.

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Alexandru Csete (Twitter)

When you're looking for potential uses for spare parts, have you ever considered tiny sculptures?

According to his twitter profile, Alexandru Csete (@csete) is a Denmark-based embedded software engineer in the satcom industry by day, and an open-source hacker by night.  

On January 26, 2019, Csete posted, "I found a use for the myriad of through-hole parts I still have left," followed by a pair of unique sculptures.

While Csete admits that he's not the original artist, the post inspired a few other engineers and hackers to share similar component and circuit sculptures.  

If you find similar works of component art, post them below or send them in to [email protected].

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