Security Breach: The Hacker's Most Lucrative Attack

The tech that's helping social engineers expand current exploits, including credential harvesting.

In this episode, we welcome Kory Daniels, CISO of Trustwave, a leading provider of industrial cyber risk solutions, to the show. The conversation spanned a number of topics, including:

  • The double-edged sword of credential harvesting hacks.
  • How data theft is providing greater visibility of an organization's supply chain and partners in helping cybercriminals accumulate more potential targets.
  • The challenges of implementing and sustaining data hygiene practices.
  • Using AI to to fill cybersecurity jobs.
  • How new technology, like AI, is helping cybercriminals lower their operating costs.
  • Understanding that you can't defend what you don't know or understand about your internal landscape.
  • Embracing the benefits of IIoT, but understanding the security risks it carries.

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