Exoskeletons Built for Industrial IoT

German Bionic unveiled the third generation of its Cray X exoskeleton, as well as a cloud platform to provide wireless updates, predictive maintenance and machine learning.

German Bionic are the robotics specialists that brought the world the Cray X, a lightweight, electric exoskeleton designed to assist workers in the industrial production, automotive and logistics industries. 

Now, exoskeletons aren't exactly new; we've seen them being used more and more as pilot projects have proven to improve worker efficiency and physical health. Powerhouses like Boeing, Ford, Hyundai and the U.S. Army are but a few embracing the tech. 

German Bionic is now on its third generation of the Cray X, and this week, the company introduced not just the new exoskeleton, but the German Bionic IO cloud platform, an Industrial IoT suite designed for exoskeletons, particularly the Cray X. 

The platform ties into manufacturing enterprise software and not only provides wireless software updates and predictive maintenance, but also includes an intelligent control system that uses machine learning to not only improve performance, but to lay a foundation for next-gen bionics.

Think of the possibilities: constantly updated KPIs on individual worker dashboards. Hey, we finally got on-body, real-time performance metrics — everything can be incentivized now. Think of the possibilities.

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