Vision Miner Strengthens Position In Additive Manufacturing with Acquisition

The acquisition pairs with the company AddWise.

Vision Miner
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Vision Miner Logo.
Vision Miner

IRVINE, Calif -- Vision Miner, a leading global provider of high-quality industrial 3D printing solutions, today announced the acquisition of AddWise, a prominent industrial manufacturer of 3D printing machines and related products valued at $14 million. This strategic move solidifies Vision Miner's position as a powerhouse in the additive manufacturing industry, enhancing its in-house manufacturing capabilities and expanding its global footprint.

Vision Miner has experienced continued growth since 2017. Recently achieving a 120% increase in revenue with profitability exceeding industry standards. Debt-free and financially strong, the company is well-positioned for rapid expansion, with projections to grow tenfold in the near future.

As a leader in printing high-temperature performance materials, Vision Miner has been trusted by industry giants such as NASA, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Tesla, and the US Air Force and Army. The company's expertise was instrumental in solving NASA's challenge of printing a small part in CF PEEK for the filtration system of their new spacewalk suits. Vision Miner's ability to adapt and overcome challenges has led to their parts being used in aircraft, military and defense applications, the International Space Station, race cars, oil platforms, and many other critical applications worldwide.

Vision Miner's products, such as their patent-pending Nano Polymer Bed Adhesive and the successful 22 IDEX 3D Printer, have set new standards in the industry. The 22 IDEX machine solves the problem of printing high-performance materials repeatedly with precision, speed, and affordability, making it a top choice for industry leaders.

The company's success has been recognized with numerous awards, including 3D Printing Industry's Company of the Year in 2022, and being featured as a panelist for the 3D Printing Industry Awards in 2023. Published in multiple articles and websites worldwide, Vision Miner has earned its place as a Leader in the Industry.

Vision Miner has also formed strategic partnerships with companies like Shining 3D. Becoming one of their top dealers of advanced 3D Scanners & Software and being recognized as a Diamond Distributor in the USA market.

The acquisition of AddWise is just the beginning of Vision Miner's expansion plans. With new facilities in the USA and Europe, the company is poised for significant growth. The factory is expanding its production line while also bringing in new machinery for automation of their other products. With new products in development, Vision Miner will soon be entering more markets in the additive manufacturing industry.

Vision Miner currently has over 25 dealers worldwide and plans to continue expanding its global presence by accepting new qualified dealers to their team. This expansion will allow the company to bring their exceptional products to more users worldwide.

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