IMOU Launches New Cordless Camera Series

The Cell 3C series has launched as a home security product.

The new 3C camera
The new 3C camera

The new Cell C3 series security cameras are designed to make installation as effortless as possible. Switch on and connect to your home Wi-Fi network and mount the device in a suitable location outside your home and installation is complete.

The Cell 3C All in One features an integrated solar panel, making it a single-unit installation. For locations with limited sunlight, the Cell 3C Kit allows users to connect the solar panel separately in a location best suited for capturing sunlight.

As well as being affordable home security solutions, it can also save money over time. By connecting its large battery to a 3W solar panel, Cell 3C Kit or Cell 3C All In One uses no direct electrical power source, resulting in reduced energy consumption, and lower electricity bills.

Cell 3C series security cameras are IP66 weather-proof and designed to operate specifically in outdoor environments.

Cell 3C series cameras provide surveillance image, delivering captured images to the IMOU Life app in 2K QHD resolution, whilst every detail of the area around your property is captured and recorded.

The Cell 3C series offers smart full-color night vision with four mode options. Smart Mode activates spotlights on motion detection, providing color images whilst consuming less power than always-on color mode. Alternatively, users can choose Color Mode, Infrared Mode or Off Mode to suit their security and power needs.

The cameras use Passive infrared (PIR) sensors combine with powerful image processing technology to quickly detect human targets. This eliminates false alarms from raindrops or neighborhood pets. Once a human is detected, a notification is sent to your smartphone.

Being IP66 weather-proof also means the cameras are tested to withstand water waves and powerful water sprays, Cell 3C series cameras are also dust-tight sealed to ensure operation in dusty outdoor environments.

The IMOU Cell 3C series cameras integrate a 3W solar panel, allowing two hours of sunlight charging to power up to 24 hours of continuous operation, making them an environmentally friendly home security solution that conserves energy and reduces environmental impact.

In addition to the key features, this new series also have flexible storage options, event replay, customizable modes, active deterrence, digital privacy protection and the ability to capture time-lapse videos.

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