Software Snag Halts Minn. GOP's Virtual Convention

Party leaders blamed technical difficulties on “potentially malicious interference."

St. Paul, Minn.
St. Paul, Minn.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Republican Party postponed its virtual state convention Saturday because of issues with the voting software.

Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan blamed the technical difficulties on “potentially malicious interference" with the servers and cited “an unprecedented spike in volume” that was not consistent with normal use.

Carnahan said it's the same software the party has used for at least a dozen conventions and there have been no problems before Saturday's meeting.

“The Republican Party of Minnesota will be working with our voting vendor and law enforcement to investigate and determine the source of this disruption," Carnahan said in a statement.

The party moved the convention online because of the coronavirus pandemic. State Democrats are scheduled to hold their state convention online at the end of May.

Carnahan said the GOP convention would be rescheduled “in the near future.”

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