Smart Watch Calls for Help

A hiker's smart watch alerted his emergency contacts after he and a companion tumbled down a steep cliff.

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Luke Chesser/Unsplash

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, N.J. (AP) β€” A man says he and his hiking companion were rescued after they fell off a cliff in New Jersey because the impact spurred his smart watch to call 911.

James Prudenciano and Paige Paruso were hiking in Hartshorne Woods Park in Atlantic Highlands last week when they got lost in the woods. They eventually tumbled down a steep cliff as darkness set in.

Prudenciano had bought the watch two days earlier and chose to activate the "fall detection" feature, which alerts the owner's emergency contacts and calls 911 when it detects that its user has fallen.

Rescuers were eventually able to reach the couple, who were taken ashore by a boat. They were treated at a hospital for undisclosed injuries.

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