Calif. City Puts 'RoboCop' on Patrol

"HP RoboCop," a blue-and-white rolling robot, has been keeping an extra set of eyes on a park in the Los Angeles suburb of Huntington Park.

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City of Huntington Park (Twitter)

A Southern California police force is welcoming a robot to the department.

Huntington Park police says "HP RoboCop" will provide 360-degree high-definition video footage. It'll become an official member of the force at a Tuesday evening ceremony.

The department says the blue-and-white rolling robot serves as an extra set of eyes for areas such as parks and buildings that police might not have time to patrol.

HP RoboCop has been helping patrol a park in the Los Angeles suburb for several weeks since it was previewed at a 5k run last month.

HP RoboCop even has its own Twitter page.

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