FedEx Introduces Self-Driving Delivery Robot

The boxy machine crossed through sand and gravel, moved through shallow water and climbed stairs to deliver a pizza on "The Tonight Show."

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FedEx is testing a new self-driving robotic vehicle that could one day compete with Amazon in delivering packages or pizzas to homes.

The company unveiled its new SameDay Bot early Wednesday on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

FedEx is the latest of several companies, including Amazon, to experiment with sidewalk delivery robots. Initial testing will be limited to transporting packages between FedEx Office locations.

The boxy machine appeared on the "Tonight Show" stage crossing through sand, gravel and shallow water, and climbing stairs, to deliver a pizza to Fallon.

FedEx says it worked with Segway creator Dean Kamen on technology based in part on his company's iBot, a mobility device for the disabled.

FedEx is partnering on the project with Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Pizza Hut, AutoZone and Lowe's.

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