Liquid Metal Battery System to Be Up and Running by 2024

Ambri recently announced its collaboration with Xcel Energy.

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Ambri, provider of long-duration Liquid Metal battery storage systems, announced it has achieved safety certification from UL Solutions, a leader in applied safety science, for its next generation battery cells.

Ambri’s Liquid Metal battery cells received certification for UL 1973, the Standard for Batteries for Use in Stationary and Motive Auxiliary Power Applications, after successfully complying with the applicable requirements of the standard.

“The certification marks a major milestone for the commercialization of our Liquid Metal battery technology, by giving the seal of approval that our next generation, double capacity cells meet the highest safety standards,” said David Bradwell, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Ambri. “Our recently announced collaboration with Xcel Energy will showcase the high-performance of this next generation cell and sends a message to the industry that our technology is advancing to meet market and customer demands without compromising on safety and reliability.”

Safety and reliability have been key tenets in Ambri’s work to design and produce its Liquid Metal battery system, which utilizes commonly available, commercial-grade raw materials.

Ambri recently announced its collaboration with Xcel Energy, that become the first utility to deploy its pioneering Liquid Metal battery system. The collaboration with Xcel Energy will see the 300kWh system jointly tested at SolarTAC in Aurora, Colorado over a 12-month period. The battery system incorporates Ambri’s next generation battery cell, which more than doubles its previous energy capacity cell. The system is expected to become fully operational by 2024 and will use the GridNXT Microgrid Platform to facilitate the utilization of multiple generation sources, such as wind and solar, along with inverters, load banks and three-phase distribution connections and communications.

Following this achievement, Ambri will continue to pursue additional UL Solutions certifications as it expands into new markets and delivers additional projects.

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