Homemade Sanitizer Causes Chemical Burns

A New Jersey store owner faces fraud and child endangerment charges.


Hand sanitizer has been one of the most high-demand products throughout the spreading global threat of COVID-19.

The use of these products has become so liberal that many stores are running out of their supplies.

One convenience store in New Jersey recently came under fire for selling a hand sanitizing spray with spurious origins.

The store’s owner, Manisha Bharade, is being charged with endangering the welfare of children and deceptive business practices. The 7-11 she owns sold spray sanitizer that Bharade allegedly produced herself by mixing foaming hand sanitizer with water.

The resulting product was sold to unsuspecting customers who, due to an unintended chemical reaction, wound up with chemical burns. The injured included three 10-year-olds and an 11-year-old.

Fourteen bottles were sold before the scheme was discovered.

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