The Story of Peeps

Just Born, founded by a Russian immigrant nearly 100 years ago, acquired the marshmallow treat in 1953.


Just Born is a third-generation family company started by Russian immigrant Sam Born in 1923 in Brooklyn.

Born invented everything from a machine that puts sticks into lollipops to jimmies (sprinkles). 

In 1932, Just Born moved the factory to Bethlehem, Pa.; 20 years later, the company acquired Rodda for its jelly bean technology, but along with it came the secret to making Peeps, the marshmallow Easter staple. 

It used to take 27 hours to make a Peep. Now, it takes just six to mix the sugar, corn syrup, gelatin and air and form it into shapes. 

After it's formed, the Peep passes through a dusting chamber where it gets a "sugar shower."

The company makes 5.5 million Peeps per day and 2 billion Peeps per year. That's enough to wrap around the globe 2.5 times.

The most popular Peeps in the U.S. are yellow, followed by pink and blue, respectively. For the second year, Peeps has partnered with Kellogg's to create a Peeps-flavored cereal in one of many partnerships this year. You'll be able to find everything from chocolate pudding and root beer-flavored Peeps to Froot Loops-flavored Peeps pops — and even "fierce cinnamon" Peeps with a Hot Tamales candy tie-in.

You can also find jelly beans, coffee creamer, PEZ and even FUNKO Pop! collectible figures. Now that is merchandising.

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