Cadillac Could Be Entirely Electric Within a Decade

GM's luxury brand is expected to give its gas-powered models one more refresh before beginning its move toward all-electric versions.

Cadillac is making a big bet on electrics. Just how big? The president of GM’s luxury division just told Reuters that most – maybe even all – of Cadillac's models will be fully electric by 2030.

The automaker predicts it will give its models one more refresh in their existing gasoline versions and then begin its move towards electrics.

The first foray could be the large Cadillac SUV GM expects to begin producing at Detroit’s Hamtramck plant in 2023. The plant, according to Reuters reports, will face a $3 billion overhaul between now and then to accommodate the Escalade’s EV lookalike.

A compact electric SUV is also in the works, with Cadillac planning to kick off, again, in 2023.

For Cadillac President Steve Carlisle, the transition timeline is still way up in the air, and the company wants to see improvements as it relates to both battery charging time and capacity, suggesting that the 300-miles-per-charge standard will need to increase, maybe even to 400.

And that’s not the only notable change we’ll see from Caddy: the automaker says it will begin modifying the way it names its vehicles, shifting from number letter combinations that, let’s be honest, nobody can keep straight, to actual words. That’s because, Carlisle says, “Escalade is an awesome name.” We agree. Much better than CT6.

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