Lincoln Continental Could Be Nearing the End

Ford could halt U.S. production of the iconic luxury vehicle to make room for electric vehicles at a plant in suburban Detroit.

Even the most casual observer of the automotive market knows that the sedan is slowly going the way of the dinosaur.

In the past few years, we’ve lost some good ones, from the practical Ford Taurus (my first ride!) to the classic dad car, the Chevy Impala. But the latest from the chopping-block rumor mill relates to a model that’s so old that it’s featured predominantly in the scenes of Mad Men: the Lincoln Continental.

The Continental, one of the oldest models still in production -- though not continuously -- is on its 10th edition and, according to Automotive News, this may very well be its last.

The writing on the wall pertains to a factory in Flat Rock, Mich., that currently assembles both Continentals and Mustangs. According to reports, the plant is planning to add two new all-electric crossovers to its to-do list, starting with the 2023 model year with an annual combined volume of about 65,000 units.

Ford is reportedly selling just a few hundred Continentals every month this year, which means that it would be an easy decision as to which model would get the ax to clear space.

According to Motor1, it’s possible the Lincoln Continental could survive as an import -- meaning the brand continues to exist in China and could still be sold here. The problem with that theory is, last we checked, China and the U.S. have been embroiled in an ever-escalating conflict over trade, and autos and auto parts have been swept right up in the tariff mix with no end in sight. Auto News says an earlier Ford plan of importing the defunct Focus wagon from China was axed last year over tariff concerns.

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