Fisker Unveils an Electric Crossover

The EV startup is the latest to join Tesla in the race for an all-electric CUV.

When Tesla first announced its upcoming Model Y all-electric crossover in March of this year, it was forced to share the stage with Audi, which unveiled plans for its Q4 e-Tron around the same time.

Both vehicles have release dates in 2020, and both target the popular crossover segment with close to 300 miles per charge.

And while the two brands, known for luxury and intuitive interiors, will find formidable competition in one another, they shouldn’t forget to swivel, as competition seems to be coming from all sides.

The latest is from Fisker Inc., the second auto company started by designer Henrik Fisker … the first being Fisker Automotive, the electric vehicle maker that made more than one splash. Its Fisker Karma extended range luxury electric was a first of its kind, garnering the company many high-profile investors, including celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Then, in 2012, they went bankrupt because, at that time, that’s what you did if you were an electric car company. But Fisker — the man — had gotten out by then, and just moved right along with his plans for electric domination. And now, it appears, he’s ready to strike.

In 2021, Fisker will begin producing the unnamed crossover and has priced it “under $40,000,” which is right in the Model Y sweet spot, as Elon Musk has promised they’d start around $39K.

According to Digital Trends, the Fisker will feature “an 80-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack affording around 300 miles of range, but it’s keeping other details under wraps for now.”

The company is reportedly hoping to build these crossovers here in America, and is scouting factory locations in several states. Like Tesla, Fisker will skip the dealer network thing and sell its vehicles direct to consumers.

So, if you’re looking for a nice, semi-affordable electric crossover, you’ll have some choices in 2020. But if you wait til ’21, you’ll have even more.

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