Lotus Introduces its Electric Supercar

It can go zero to 60 in less than three seconds and they're only going to make 130 of them.

U.K.-based Lotus introduced the Evija, the world's first all-electric British hypercar. The powerful car will top out at more than 200 miles per hour and go from zero to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds, as well as zero to 186 in less than 9 seconds.

The stunning design also comes with a stunning price tag. After all, it's a hypercar, and the company is only making 130 of them to start — it is going to cost you $2.1 million to add it to your collection. The deposit alone is $310,750. 

Production is scheduled to begin in 2020. 

The electric car will weigh about 3,700 pounds and will have a driving range of 250 miles with a charge time of only 18 minutes. 

According to the company's target specs, it will be the most powerful production car in the world at 2,000 PS (metric horsepower).

The car will be designed, engineered and hand-built in Hethel, U.K., where Lotus has been making cars since 1966.

According to the company, Evija means "the first in existence" or "the living one." 

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