The World’s First Long-Range Solar Car

The Lightyear One, powered by integrated solar cells on its roof and hood, can reportedly travel nearly 500 miles during daylight driving.

This week, Lightyear revealed the Lightyear One, the world's first long-range solar car. Of the solar car concepts that I have seen over the years, I have to say that I'd actually drive this one. The question is: would it get me anywhere?

The Lightyear One is powered by 5 square meters of integrated solar cells on the roof and hood, and the cells are strong enough to withstand the weight of a grown adult walking on them. According to the company, the car has a range of nearly 500 miles (497 miles or 800 km) if you're driving during daylight. The solar roof and hood add an additional 7.5 miles per hour. In the snow, with the heat on, you get about 250 miles. Still not bad. 

The car is run by four in-wheel motors and can go from 0-60 in about 10 seconds.

It is going to cost you a pretty penny. The car starts at about $135,313. 

The company was founded in 2016 and has already sold more than 100 vehicles, according to designboom. The Lightyear One is set to go into production in mid-2021.

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