Project Bloodhound Gets an Infusion

A local businessman acquired the ambitious effort to break the land speed record.

Back in October, U.K.-based Project Bloodhound ran out of money.

The project, founded in 2007, set out to break the land speed record, but by late 2018, the company wasn't just out of money, but needed about $33 million to help the team continue with its pursuit of 1,000 mph — about 800 mph faster than the Bloodhound, a combination of an F1 car, a jet and a spaceship, had ever gone.

Well, it looks like the Bloodhound supersonic car may have a savior. The car and other project assets have been acquired by a local businessman.

According to the BBC, the supersonic car alone was priced at $319,000. Rather than getting sold off piecemeal in some fire sale, Bloodhound's assets are now owned by Ian Warhurst, a mechanical engineer with experience operating automotive engineering businesses.

We don't yet know Warhurst's plans for Bloodhound, but he says that he has been a supporter for many years. For now, the project remains intact, but we'll see if the new ownership will be more capable of raising the millions of dollars necessary to get Bloodhound back on track, and shattering some speed records.

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