Ford Debuts Autonomous Electric Semi-Truck

Ford has debuted it's vision for autonomous semi-truck.

Ford's subsidiary in Turkey, Ford Otosan, debuted the F-Vision this week at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Germany.

According to the company, the Turkish designers and engineers designed the F-Vision as the company's first concept car as it prepares for the future of mobility.

The autonomous truck will be battery-powered, however, Ford didn't announce any production plans. So, right now, it's just a really expensive cartoon. It's fitting since, according to a report in New Atlas, Ford's designers admitted that the design inspiration for the F-Vision was comic book characters. You would think Vision, but I don't see it — maybe an early Iron Man, from the side.

The windows in the concept vehicle also have the ability to adjust the tint based on the brightness of the sun.

The truck concept does share some similarities with Nikola Motor's Nikola One hydrogen powered truck and Tesla's autonomous Semi, which have already received orders from the industry.

Last year, the company said that it planned to spend $4 billion on the developing autonomous vehicle technology. Looks like the pockets might need to be a little bit deeper to get the F-Vision into production. 

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