Startup Debuts Self-Propelled Electric RV with Solar Panels

It allows for self-charging on the go or when parked.

Pebble Flow 1

Pebble, a California-based startup, is unveiling its flagship 100% electric, travel trailer: the Pebble Flow.

The Pebble Flow is self-propelled, providing just the right amount of power required to assist the tow vehicle, removing the range anxiety common with EV towing. With the inclusion of other intelligence features, Pebble is automating the hardest parts of RVing. As the most technically advanced travel trailer on the market developed by Apple, Tesla, Cruise, Zoox and Volvo veterans, the Pebble Flow aims to bring the ease of use of an iPhone to the RVing experience.

The Pebble Flow’s dimensions are  25’ L, 7’6”  W, and 8’8” H with a required towing capacity of 6,200 lbs.

The Pebble Flow is 100% electric, leading the industry towards a sustainable future.

  • 45 kWh LFP battery: Has the safest EV battery chemistry on the market with enough capacity to power all of the trailer's appliances.
  • Universal Charging: Charge how you want. AC/DC charging at public charging stations, at home, or at camp, solar charging for up to a week of off-grid power, and regenerative charging to generate power while you tow it.
  • 1kW Integrated Solar: Allows for self-charging on the go or when parked, so it's always topping off its power supply. It's like being perpetually plugged into a 110V outlet.
  • Emergency Battery Use Case: Best of all, the Pebble Flow is never idle. When parked at home, it can be used as an emergency backup source.

RV owners have been tolerating the same inconveniences for years: stressful towing and hitching experiences, constant maintenance, and parking a large trailer in tight spaces. The Pebble Flow includes advanced technology that has never been seen before in the RV industry to simplify the hardest parts of RVing and eliminate long-standing hassles.

  • Easy Tow: With Pebble Flow’s dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System, towing is finally safe and effortless, whether you’re towing with an SUV or a pick-up truck, a gas vehicle or an EV. No more range anxiety.
  • Magic Hitch: Never struggle with a hitch again. The Pebble Flow positions itself and automatically hitches onto the towing vehicle.
  • InstaCamp: The push of a button deploys or retracts an awning, stairs, lights, and auto-leveling stabilizers to set up camp or get back on the road in seconds.
  • Remote Control: Never back up again. Once unhooked from the hitch, the Pebble Flow is fully remote-controlled for easy parking and maneuvering, effortlessly pivoting and positioning itself into tight spots.

All of these features are controlled by the Pebble app, giving users control over every part of the RVing journey from the palm of their hand.

Customers can look forward to updated features that add comfort in a minimalistic design that doesn’t overpower their natural surroundings.

  • Room Flip: The Pebble Flow has a sleeping capacity to fit up to 4 people, and flexible furnishings mean that the Murphy bed retracts into a desk to transition from relaxation to work mode in seconds.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The modern silhouette of the Pebble Flow not only enhances aesthetics but also reduces drag, leading to better mileage and extended range. This, in turn, contributes to an overall safer towing experience.
  • A Chef’s Kitchen: Elevate campsite meals with a removable induction cooktop, a 4-in-1 convection microwave and a full-size fridge. The flip-up service window gives flexibility to cook inside or al fresco.
  • Connectivity: The Pebble Flow is plug-and-play ready for Starlink to keep digital nomads connected wherever their journey takes them. The Pebble app controls lights, locks and unlocks the door, sets the preferred temperature, and more.
  • Wrap-Around Windows: The windows give a 270-degree view of the surroundings.

The Pebble Flow with the Magic Pack will be available starting at $125,000. The Magic Pack boasts a powerful dual-motor drivetrain and bundles a set of world-first features, including Remote Control, Magic Hitch, Easy Tow and more for the full Pebble experience.

The Pebble Flow will be available starting at $109,000. This is a well-equipped travel trailer that goes beyond all-electric, including modern automotive construction, industry-leading aerodynamic performance and a generous 45 kWh EV battery that all come standard.

Anyone interested can sign up today to preorder the Pebble Flow which is expected to ship by the end of 2024.

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