Startup Launches Autonomous Charging Robot for EVs

It addresses the gaps in EV ownership and charging infrastructure growth.


Autev, a startup that provides an on-demand autonomous EV charging service, just launched under the mission to make EV charging more convenient for EV owners, reduce the need for a fixed charging infrastructure, and help facility owners meet the increasing demand for EV charging.

Autev has developed an autonomous charging robot that can provide on-demand charging wherever it is needed.

The company developed its technology to address the gap in the market between the increase of EVs on the streets and how EV charging infrastructure is growing. Building new public charging stations or dedicated EV charging parking spaces in areas of shared parking presents logistical challenges. Additionally, while 80% of EV owners charge their EVs at home using their own charging devices, at-work and on-the-go EV charging segments are potentially the fastest growing through 2030, the company said in a news release.

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