EVmatch Adapter Makes Level 2 EV Charging Stations Smart

The device will be first deployed in a frequency regulation program with an east coast utility provider.

E Vmatch
Argonne National Laboratory

Through an exclusive license with Argonne National Laboratory, EVmatch has announced the summer 2023 launch of a handheld, universal adapter that will enable electric utilities, commercial property owners, and residential homeowners, to better leverage their non-networked Level 2 EV charging stations. The device will be first deployed in a frequency regulation program with an east coast utility provider. This low-cost retrofit technology unlocks new opportunities for charging station owners and utilities, including new revenue streams, reduced operating costs, and the ability to better integrate with renewable energy sources.

"We are thrilled to partner with Argonne to bring the EVmatch Adapter to market and support increased interoperability of EV charging assets, increase the profitability of charging station infrastructure investments, and reduce barriers to participation in behind-the-meter grid service programs," said Heather Hochrein, Founder and CEO of EVmatch. "This exclusive license from Argonne supports EVmatch in achieving its vision of a distributed, equitable, and carbon-free energy economy."

"Argonne works to enable energy systems that are sustainable, secure and equitable," said Megan Clifford, Associate Laboratory Director for Science and Technology Partnerships and Outreach at Argonne. "This agreement with EVmatch puts this cutting-edge technology into the hands of more consumers, where it can make maximum impact."

Key Features and Benefits of the EVmatch Adapter:

  • Electricity metering and payment processing
  • Easy, low-cost installation without an electrician
  • Customizable remote access control to optimize start/stop time, scheduling, and user access
  • Enables participation in utility demand response programs to reduce EV strain on the electrical grid
  • Data collection for environmental credit generation, including carbon credits and low-carbon fuel standard credits

Availability: The EVmatch Adapter will be available for pre-order in March 2023 and will begin commercial deliveries in summer 2023, exclusively through EVmatch.

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