Hyundai Converts Motor Coach Into Rolling Office

The personal workspaces in the middle are equipped with reclining seats, tables and wireless charging pads.

Large 53325 Hyundai Motors New Universe Mobile Office Takes Remote Worktothe Next Levelof Mobilityand Luxury

Hyundai Motor Company today announced the launch of its Universe Mobile Office, a variant of its Universe luxury passenger bus for the Korean market that enables teams to remain productive while on the move and at remote locations.

Hyundai Motor developed Universe Mobile Office by thinking of the bus as a smart mobility solution, not just as a means of transportation. With this model, the company aims to lead the motor coach sector with a customized solution that takes remote work to the next level of mobility and luxury.

The vehicle’s interior uses the harmony of curves and straight lines to create an open-air office ambience with three distinct seating areas with premium yet practical design elements, such as semi-automatic blinds and light-colored laminated floors.

Universe Mobile Office’s optimized floor plan facilitates both individual and group work by including a group collaboration spaces at the front and rear, personal workspaces in the middle and storage areas throughout.

The group collaboration space at the front maximizes collaboration efficiency by arranging a video conferencing system, foldable conference table, sofa seating and custom-made storage.

The personal workspaces in the middle are equipped with reclining seats, tables, wireless charging pads, individual entertainment systems and personal storage spaces to create a comfortable environment for work and relaxation in transit.

Universe Mobile Office is available in three options, including standard 10-seater, 13-seater (12+1) with group collaboration space in the front, 13-seater (12+1) with expanded office space, and 13-seater (11+1+1) with separate seat configurations for transit and collaboration.

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