Fisker Ocean Starts Production on Schedule

Two trims sold out in the U.S. market for 2023.

The Fisker Ocean - 'The World's Most Sustainable Vehicle' - celebrates its official start of production in Graz, Austria.
The Fisker Ocean - "The World's Most Sustainable Vehicle" - celebrates its official start of production in Graz, Austria.
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Fisker Inc. started production of the Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV on schedule. After just over two years of development, the vehicle has arrived with world-class quality and future-forward user experiences.

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Fisker’s rollout strategy also includes continuous over-the-air (OTA) upgrading of feature packages.

The start of production is reinforced by growing momentum globally – with two trims sold out in the United States market for 2023.

In addition to the green manufacturing, the Fisker Ocean’s more than 50 kilos of recycled, biodegradable and overall eco-conscious materials reflect its commitment to sustainability.

Fisker’s production ramp in Austria will see over 300 units manufactured in Q1 of 2023, with an increase to over 8,000 units in Q2. More than 15,000 units will follow in Q3, and in Q4 the company will finish the year with enough units to total 42,400.

The top trim Fisker Ocean Extreme travels 350 miles on a single charge, with dual-motor, all-wheel-drive, three driving modes, a 17.1" rotating screen featuring gaming in HMI, SolarSky roof, California Mode and many first-to-market safety features, including the world's first digital radar, all for $68,999.

The limited edition Fisker Ocean ONE builds on the Extreme trim, offering specific signature cues available only on the first 5,000 vehicles.

In July 2022, the Fisker Ocean ONE sold out in 30 days, each secured by a $5,000 deposit representing $350 million in potential revenue for Fisker once all the vehicles are delivered.

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