Teardrop Camper Prototype Boosts EV Towing Range

Reservations for The Boulder are being accepted for delivery in the first half of 2023.

Colorado Teardrops Ev Specific Camper
Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops announced the completion of Phase 1 of development of The Boulder, its new utility-patent pending teardrop camper trailer designed for owners of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Boulder is designed to increase an EV's towing range, making camping even more accessible to EV owners.

The first stage of product development, using Level 2 charging, is now complete, with DC-to-DC Level 3 fast charging between the trailer and the tow vehicle in progress.

Purchase agreements for battery systems are in the works, and Colorado Teardrops has partnered with a major automotive manufacturer to advance technology directly relevant to The Boulder. 

If an EV with a 300-mile range was towing The Boulder, its towing range would be expected to be greater than its original 300-mile range capacity due to the auxiliary onboard battery supply provided by The Boulder.

With the completion of The Boulder prototype, Colorado Teardrops announces two additional models to their product line with development working names in keeping with their Colorado roots: a 17-foot model – "The Golden", and a 27-foot model – "The Denver." The battery capacities from the Boulder to The Denver, will range from 75 kWh up to 200 kWh, respectively.

While The Boulder maintains classic teardrop trailer dimensions, both The Golden and The Denver feature hardshell tops that retract into a low aerodynamic profile when towing, and fully extend to provide 6'6" of standing headroom when in camping mode.

These luxury RV travel-trailer models will feature indoor kitchen galleys, bathrooms with showers, premium exterior and interior finishes, and will maintain Colorado Teardrops' promise of quality craftsmanship. 

Reservations for The Boulder are being accepted for delivery in the first half of 2023.

Colorado Teardrops manufactures teardrop camper trailers that are built to last generations. Designed and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, their camper trailers are built for extreme weather and road conditions by using high-quality materials and building processes.

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