UP Town's Hope: Charge Your Car and Spend a Few Bucks

The city of Ironwood hopes to draw electric vehicle owners to its downtown businesses.

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IRONWOOD, Mich. (AP) β€” A city in Michigan's far western Upper Peninsula hopes an electric vehicle charging station can juice the local economy.

A Chargepoint station has been installed in Ironwood, population 4,900. It has two outlets that can fully charge an electric vehicle in about two hours, the Daily Globe reported.

"If somebody is passing through on their way to Marquette, and they need to do a two-hour charge, they can park at the city square and walk to our downtown businesses,” said Tom Bergman, Ironwood's community development director.

β€œThe idea of it is that it’s an economic development tool to have people stop that normally wouldn’t stop in our community,” Bergman said.

He said Ironwood, near the Wisconsin border, might have the only charging station in the western U.P. Drivers can find the location with an app.

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