Air Suspension Motor Highly Responsive During Start-Up

The motor is compact enough to be installed in a limited space.

Air Suspension Motor
Air Suspension Motor

Nidec Corporation announced that Nidec Motor Limited has developed a new air suspension motor for automobiles.

By utilizing its technologies for brake and power steering motors and other drivetrain products, Nidec Motor (Dalian) has developed this latest air suspension motor. Compact, durable, and highly responsive during start-up, this product drives the air compressor, the component that supplies the air tank with compressed air.

Conventional suspension systems use a coil spring to absorb vibration and shock just to keep a car from swaying. Air suspension systems, on the other hand, can fine-adjust the car’s height with pneumatic pressure. This feature not only improves the car’s passenger comfort, it also improves the car’s driving performance based on running circumstances as well. For example, air suspension systems lower the car’s height during high-speed running to reduce air resistance, while increasing the car’s height during off-road running to enhance its ground-covering performance.

Main features:

  • It’s compact: With the ultimate-level torque, the motor is compact enough to be installed in a limited space. The strong magnetic structure guarantees this compact and efficient motor’s excellent performance.
  • It’s long-life: The brushless design of this motor makes it a durable product. With the use of electronic commutation, this motor better reduces risks of defacement of commutators and mechanical trouble, and secures a longer life, than its brushed counterparts.
  • It starts and responds quickly: The use of electronic commutation enables the motor to start and drive the compressor quickly, and to secure less start-up friction and better power-up responsiveness than its brushed counterparts.

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