Leidos Awarded $476 Million NASA Cargo Mission Contract

The contract takes place under NASA's Artemis mission.

Industrial Media Staff
Leidos office building in Orlando, Florida.
Leidos office building in Orlando, Florida.

RESTON, Va. -- Leidos has been awarded a new contract to continue providing cargo mission engineering and integration services for NASA's International Space Station (ISS) Program and Artemis campaign. The award has a total potential value of $476 million with a base period of performance of two years. Work will primarily be performed at Leidos' facilities in Webster, Texas.

Leidos will provide analytical and physical processing for NASA missions and perform engineering, maintenance, and operations support. Leidos will also develop, fabricate, and certify hardware to support mission objectives. Leidos will also implement the space station and Artemis manifest requirements for launch, return, and disposal, as well as support logistical and integration functions to maintain adequate crew provisions and supplies to sustain human presence in space.

Leidos designed and developed the Exploration Potable Water Dispenser (xPWD), which provides potable-quality water at the proper temperature for both food and beverage rehydration. The xPWD was deployed in its final location aboard the ISS in August, 2023.

Leidos has performed cargo mission support work for NASA since 2004, supporting over 160 ISS Visiting Vehicle Missions delivering over 310,000 pounds of cargo and science and over 85 ISS Return Vehicle Missions recovering and distributing over 115,000 pounds of science and cargo.

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