Joby to Electrify Existing Aviation Infrastructure in New York and California

Joby recently completed the first-ever flight of an electric air taxi in New York City.

Media Release Atlantic And Joby Aviation Collaborate

Joby Aviation, a company developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for commercial passenger service, announced it is collaborating with Atlantic Aviation to electrify existing aviation infrastructure in New York and Southern California, paving the way for the launch of Joby’s air taxi service.

The collaboration between Joby and Atlantic, a provider of aviation services and infrastructure, will focus on activating key Atlantic sites to support quiet, emissions-free air taxis, including the installation of Joby’s Global Electric Aviation Charging System (GEACS). The two companies will undertake an analysis of how Joby’s air taxi can operate at these locations alongside traditional aircraft and other electric aircraft, offering customers a new way to move from point to point in congested cities that is quieter and more sustainable.

Atlantic has an operational footprint in major cities across the United States, including numerous sites in the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, where Joby and Atlantic will initially focus their partnership. A complete list of Atlantic Aviation locations can be found here.

Atlantic is focused on creating technology-agnostic critical infrastructure for aviation. Consistent with its existing business of providing best-in-class FBO services, Atlantic aims to support all aircraft types that arrive at its facilities.

GEACS, the Joby-developed charging system for electric aircraft, is designed to support the safe and efficient operation of electric aircraft under development today, reducing downtime between flights and maximizing the life of aircraft batteries. Joby recently released the technical specifications of GEACS – which is currently installed at Edwards Air Force Base and Joby’s flight testing facility in Marina, California – and is working with numerous electric aircraft developers to ensure interoperability.

Joby’s air taxi can carry a pilot and four passengers at speeds of up to 200 mph, offering high-speed mobility with a fraction of the noise produced by helicopters and no in-flight emissions.

Joby recently completed the first-ever flight of an electric air taxi in New York City, participating in an event held by the city’s leadership announcing their intent to electrify the iconic Downtown Manhattan Heliport.

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