Capella Space Unveils Next-Generation Satellite

Capella's Acadia generation of satellites will unlock improved technology to further advance the company's Earth-imaging offerings.

Capella Space Acadia F Pr 20220804
Capella Space

Capella Space today unveiled several new capabilities planned for its next-generation satellites, further expanding the company's data offerings.

This new generation of Capella satellites, referred to as "Acadia" technology, will expand the existing Capella constellation to provide highest quality imagery, best ground-range resolution, and faster order-to-delivery speeds.

Capella's Acadia generation of satellites will unlock improved technology to further advance the company's Earth-imaging offerings, including:

  • Best resolution with increased bandwidth: By increasing radar bandwidth from 500 MHz to 700 MHz, Capella customers will enjoy refined, industry-leading resolution, with Slant Range Resolution improving down to 0.214 m and Ground Range Resolution to 0.31 m for standard look angles.
  • Highest quality imagery with increased power: Capella customers are already accustomed to Capella's high quality SAR imagery. With this next generation of satellites, the company is further increasing image quality by scaling power by more than 40%, in line with increased bandwidth. The combination of increased bandwidth and increased power further strengthens Capella's already premium SAR products. This ensures customers can see even more detail in Capella's imagery and more accurately detect an even broader range of objects.
  • Fastest order-to-delivery with improved payload downlink: Capella has already pioneered the usage of GEO communication satellites for near real-time tasking of its satellites. In this next generation of satellites, upgrades to the payload downlink antenna will reduce time between ground contact and imaging opportunities, improving delivery speed and enabling customers to access even more imaging capacity, directly from their own ground stations.
  • Reduced latency with inter-satellite communications: The Acadia spacecraft will be equipped with optical communications terminals (OCTs). Capella is the first commercial SAR company to demonstrate Optical Inter-Satellite Links (OISL), compatible with the U.S. Space Development Agency (SDA)'s new National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA) and standards. High-speed links will enable Capella to drastically reduce latency from collect to downlink for critical decision-making on the ground.
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