New Lubricants Improve Aviation, Spacecraft Safety

Scientists developed methods for producing oils that maintain their properties in the high temperatures of gas turbine engines.

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Samara Polytech

Scientists of the Organic Chemistry Department of the Samara Polytech have developed original methods for producing high-temperature lubricants for gas turbine engines. The scientific project is lead under the guidance of the head of the department, Professor Yuriy Klimochkin. The results of recent studies published in the journal Petroleum Chemistry.

"With the development of aviation industry, the requirements for the lubricants quality are constantly increasing. Primarily it occurs due to an increase in temperature loads in the units and an increase in the time for replacing oils," explains candidate of Chemical Science Associate Professor Elena Ivleva.

Among all the requirements for oil quality, the most important is high thermo-oxidative stability: the ability of the lubricant at high temperatures and long-term engine operation to maintain its physicochemical and operational properties at the required level. Scientists achieved this by synthesizing oil composition with esters gained from adamantane derivatives.

Scientists explain the choice of these compounds by its unique adamantane frame that is as close as possible to the spherical structure. The carbon atoms in it replicates the diamond cell structure, therefore, adamantane demonstrates exceptional thermal stability. Therefore, the formulation of an adamantyl radical increases the thermal stability of the substance and its resistance to oxidation.

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